Foundation Samen voor Oekraïne (Together for Ukraine)

Every form of help makes a difference

Many Ukrainian people choose to stay in Ukraine this winter and after during the war. This under increasingly difficult circumstances and increasing shortages. Our contacts in Ukraine tell us what the particular need is.
For this purpose we ask for donations in money and goods, tailored as much as possible to local needs.
Our strength consists of the short lines and our regional network, which enables us to get things done quickly.

Please help supporting the mission of the Dutch charity foundation Stichting Samen voor Oekraïne !

Visit military hospital April 10, 2023
Donation goods to internal refugees in Ukraine April 2023

Donate money

Support us with money – which helps us move goods to Ukraine and purchase food for the refugees of the war, and help rebuild Ukraine including places like Bakhmut -, you can do so by clicking on the donation button above or directly donate a custom amount, 50,-  or 100,- 

If you prefer to do this yourself, then donate the amount to account number NL33 RABO 0190 3595 36 in the name of Stichting Samen voor Oekraine (SWIFT/BIC RABONL2U) in Puijflijk the Netherlands, stating “donation”.

Thank you !

Want to see what we do with your money? Then take a look at our annual report . We have just sent another – this time large transport to Rivne, Ukraine – with 26 pallets of goods that have been collected and funded with the help of donors – more information here !

Help otherwise

Do you have a company that can help with things like transport of goods, reconstruction, relief supplies or otherwise? Then contact us! Thank you !


Did you know that the Samen voor Ukraine Foundation has the ANBI status of the Dutch tax authorities and that your donation is deductible for income tax under certain conditions? Check out the ANBI page for more information.

Thank you for your support!

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